The Wayne Mirror is the student newspaper of Wayne College. The paper informs and represents the students and employees at the college. The Wayne Mirror also teaches students that are part of our staff how to work together and have fun. It also helps them work on their craft and defines what newspaper writing is all about.

Wayne Mirror will now be offering a column called "Ask Jules" for advice on anything from relationships to shopping!

This Information is Classified! Submit your classified ads here - Each ad must be no more than 50 words, and only serious requests will be published. (Any personal information provided will be published, so only give us what we can share!)

 Current issues of the Wayne Mirror are available on the newsstand next to the filling station or by the table near the front entrance.

Past issues of the Wayne Mirror are available in PDF format (below).
All other previous issues are held in print at the Wayne College Library.

Wayne Mirror Issues

Volume 2, Issue 4 April, 2004
Volume 2, Issue 2 February, 2004