1. Each recognized group must have an adviser who is a member of the faculty/staff of The University of Akron Wayne College. No person, however, may serve as an adviser to more than two organizations at any given time.
  2. Student organizations must appoint a representative to attend the monthly All Student Senate meetings. Appointed representative senators are required to attend 75% of the All Student Senate meetings each academic year. Organizations that fail to attend 75% of the meetings will not receive EAF funding for the following academic year.
  3. Any function held in the College's facilities must terminate at 12 midnights, except when special permission for later hours has been granted by the Senior Director for Student Life and Enrollment Management.
  4. College social activities may not be scheduled during final examination periods.
  5. Any change in the time, place, or cancellation of a function must be approved by the Coordinator of Student Activities. This is to prevent any conflicts with other events taking place on campus.
  6. Notification of any change of adviser(s) must be made in writing to the Coordinator of Student Activities.
  7. In September, each organization will be required to provide the Coordinator of Student Activities with a copy of any amended constitutions, roster of new officers and members, and updated registration for the academic year. This information must be submitted to retain status as a recognized student organization.
  8. All social events, fundraising, displays, recruitment events, etc. must be approved through the Coordinator of Student Activities at two weeks before the event is to take place. Advisers will be required to submit a "Project/Activities Notification Form" plus any Facilities Form (Business Office), if wishing to reserve a room/space on campus. Please note: If these procedures are not followed, the event will not take place. The purpose of this is not to cause frustrations, but to better serve your needs and to avoid conflict(s) with other events happening on campus.
  9. All social events shall be supervised by the organization's officers. The officers of the organization are responsible for the conduct of its members at any social function.
  10. There will be no alcohol allowed on campus.
  11. Any organizational function at which an admissions assessment is made must have advance approval from the Senior Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management.
  12. Wayne College is not responsible for financial obligations incurred by recognized campus organizations.
  13. All organizations are responsible for the fulfillment of all foregoing regulations. Failure to do so will considered an offense of policy and may result in the Senior Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management penalizing the offending organization by one or more of the following:
    1. By imposing social probation
    2. By suspending of privileges (i.e. hosting social functions)
    3. By recommending that the student organization no longer be recognized by the College
    4. By imposing other penalties as deemed appropriate by the Senior Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management as outlined in the student code of conduct.